Label is a shortcut to Client.UI.Label.

Allows adding text on the interface.

Labels are automatically displayed on the screen upon creation.


Label ( string text optional, Anchor hAnchor optional, Anchor vAnchor optional )

Creates a Label with optional parameters:
- text displayed text
- horizontal_anchor possible values: Anchor.Left, Anchor.HCenter, Anchor.Right (defaut)
- vertical_anchor possible values: Anchor.Top (defaut), Anchor.VCenter, Anchor.Bottom

local myLabel = Label("❤❤❤")


nil Add ( Anchor hAnchor optional, Anchor vAnchor optional )

Displays a label that has been removed.
By default, original anchors are kepts, but it's possible to supply new ones.

Calling Add for a label that's already displayed has no effect.

nil Remove ( )

Removes the Label.



Text that's being displayed by the Label.

-- update displayed text
myLabel.Text = "❤❤"

Label's text color.

myLabel.TextColor = Color(255, 0, 0)