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Setting a fixed in-game daytime

To disable the passing of the time in your game and keep it fixed at a given hour (see the Time API for the possible values):

TimeCycle.On = false
Time.Current = Time.Noon

Instantiating an item

Check out the API Reference to see all the available properties for a new Shape object.

Make sure to adapt this code with your item reference and properties:

Config {
    Map: ...,
    Items: {

function instantiate()
    -- create the instance
    local item = Shape(Items.my_login.my_item)

    -- set properties (optional)
    item.Position = Number3(1, 0, 1) * Map.Scale
    item.Scale = 0.6
    item.Physics = false
    item.CollisionGroups = 2

    -- add to the world's hierarchy
    World:AddChild(item) -- or: Map:AddChild(item)