Are you more of a hands-on learner? Then this section is for you!

Here, you'll find step-by-step tutorials of to learn the basics of Cubzh by making small games.

If you haven't installed Cubzh yet, checkout the download page.

Quick know-hows

- Testing a multi-player game
- Adding sounds to your game (0.0.47+)
- Converting from default colors (0.0.46 > 0.0.47)


- Tutorial n°1: Tutoworld - Discover the fundamentals of coding a Cubzh game with this 10-minutes tutorial!
- Tutorial n°2: Lone Scoundrel - Learn more advanced techniques in this intermediate tutorial, like procedural generation or object pooling
- Tutorial n°3: Space Race - Discover how to turn your Cubzh game multiplayer :)

Handy Lua Snippets

Scene setup

- Setting a fixed in-game daytime
- Instantiating an item

User actions

- Disable movement


- Setting the groups the player collides with
- Detecting a collision between the player and an object
- Basic raycasting (from player)


- Toggling between the in-game and UI pointers


- Getting a random number in a range