Config is not creatable, there's only one instance of it. It can only be accessed through its globally exposed variable.

Config holds the configuration for your game. The items it depends on, the map that should be used and other important things.

You'll usually see it defined at the top of most game scripts.

Config = {
  Items = {"aduermael.pumpkin", "aduermael.tomato"},
  Map = "gdevillele.pirate_ship"

-- also works this way:
Config.Items = {"aduermael.pumpkin", "aduermael.tomato"}
Config.Map = "gdevillele.pirate_ship"


When set to true, the users are able to use the chat. If set to false they cannot talk.

true by default.

Acceleration applied to all physically simulated Objects in the scene.

By default, it represents the gravity.

-- turn off gravity:
Config.ConstantAcceleration = {0, 0, 0}
-- or
Config.ConstantAcceleration.Y = 0
-- turn off gravity for one Object only:
myObject.Acceleration = -Config.ConstantAcceleration
-- myObject's acceleration is now the invert of 
-- Config.ConstantAcceleration, cancelling it.

A list of items (string references) that should be loaded.

You'll be able to use thoses items to create Shapes, MutableShapes and other things.

See Items for more details.

Indicates the map that should be loaded.